We are carrying out our activities and trainings in many indoor and outdoor places in the country and abroad which have the same spirit, especially in the Lycian geography.

''Lycian Way''

Lycian Way. Perhaps the most beautiful route to experience learning and exploring on the go. Goat paths, Lycian tombs, wooden grain warehouses inspired by these tombs, and well-known people living in harmony with all these… We practice our fun learning designs in the heart of the unique cultural values and natural beauty of the Lycian Way.

''Orange Gardens in Chimaera''

Çıralı is one of the most exclusive villages in the Mediterranean region of the Teke Peninsula with its unique nature and the fire of Chimaera and the orange flowers that smell wonderful in the spring. Çıralı is one of the places where Lycian Pathfinders enjoy all the activities, projects, and training sessions.

"Andriake Ancient Beach"

Myra and Andriake’s beaches stretching towards Kekova, which are inherited from the Lycians and Santa Claus to the nomad people, are the most beautiful places to explore and have fun… The morning sports activities on the Andriake beach, its suitability for camping, maybe a messenger of what we will see in Simena after a day’s walk.

"Simena Ancient Amphitheater"

Simena, one of the most beautiful places on Teke Peninsula, the amphitheater with the tiniest and most beautiful views of Lycian Civilization is home to the most memorable conversations and events.

"Arykanda Ancient Lycian City"

The Lycian border city Arykanda is watching all the Lycian cities and the nomads like eagles in the nest. The ancient city of Arykanda with its relatively well-preserved agora and structures is the unique venue of Role-Play activities and it is fascinating.

"Antiphellos Amphitheatre"

Antiphellos is Kaş’s name during the Lycian period… The Amphitheater in the center of Kaş is a living place where the locals and foreign tourists enjoy themselves. The theater where the drama and debate activities can be colored with sudden surprises during the day or after the sun is almost literally the ancient heart of Kaş.

"Bezirgan Plateau"

Bezirgan Plateau, which is home to the best-preserved grain warehouses created by inspiring the thousands of years of stone tombs of Lycians… Only the walkers can know the beauty of the descent path to Kalkan.

"Patara Lycian League Parliament"

Patara the dearest of Lycians – The Lycian League Parliament is also the first parliament of the world. Therefore, it is the most beautiful place of activities and projects we will perform with large masses… The beauty of the world famous Patara beach is also just a few minutes away…