Why Lycian?

• A matriarchal civilization – Mother! What more can one say?

• A society that is fond of freedom and a peaceful society – An understanding that does not hesitate to commit suicide collectively for the sake of their freedom while under siege, but never to attack the territory of another country.

• The example of the most successful representative democracy of the day – a civilization that has laid the foundations for democracy and human rights, hosts many thinkers who sincerely defend these values and referenced by the first constitutional examples.

• Emphasis on equality and women’s representation in society – An equal lifestyle that can choose women as the Head of Parliament.

• The tangible and intangible cultural heritage that the Lycans left behind – The people of the Teke Peninsula built warehouses that protect their grain, which is one of the basic needs of life, inspired by the Lycans’ tombs that immortalize the death. Perhaps this is an elegant life response that local people, who protect their grains with timber, give to the Lycian people, who make sense of death with their tombs on the rocks. Who knows?

• We love goats!

• So that we believe that they offer examples of (concrete) hopes for today’s people by sincerely internalizing all these values: Lycians!

Why Pathfinders?

• So that man’s self-discovery is an endless and infinite way.

• So that every person can create or search their own path.

• So that we respect people who live with harmony in the cycle of nature and especially the nomad communities in Turkey and the world.



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