It was a sunny day, I was lost and a bit late to the meeting point. It was my first time of joining a youth organisation, I was so excited and curious. I was worrying not to be accepted into them although I find myself clubby. But I realized when I arrived that the sun was not the only thing shining, the Lycian Pathfinders who were living the excitement of having a new participant were also shining!

It was even obvious while filling the application form that the project was not a waste of time. You can understand on the first day that this is the best way of learning and discovering without feeling the deep philosophy within the enjoyable events. There is no student here, there is no teacher here, there is no distinction here. From the instructor to the volunteers, everyone is a participant here. You can have the pleasure of spending effort on your own responsibility instead feeling the pressure of formal education. This is the non formal education.

Lycian Pathfinders is a place that keep the expectations maximum and to satisfy all the expectations. You may play balance game with closed eyes with a friend you have already met. You may have an argue with a close friend about two opposite situations. You may find yourself as a Lykiarh when you wake up and you may find yourself in the middle of an election in the oldest parliament in the world. You can learn different kinds of folk dances from all around the world. One day, you try to save a nuclear reactor which is about to erupt. One day, you elect an education bill in Lycia Parliament. And one day, everyone becomes a leader even for eight minutes! 🙂


Who doesn’t want to be a part of a family which has youngs from all around the world? Different people, different hobbies, different cultures, different life styles, different experiments… Everybody learns from each other. Some learns sharing, some learns deaf and dumb alphabet, some learns leading. Would you prefer a person who is teaching to a group or would you prefer a group who learns from each other? I think we all know the answer.

An hour with Lycian Pathfinders makes you feel an entire day was spent. Because every single session is like a little simulation of the real life. You start the session with energizers like starting a day with full energy. You become a teller, a listener, an observer. You observe people, you tell what has happened to you, you must listen to the others. There is no difference between the fiction and the reality. You see some instructions in front of you and you defend the opinion whatever it takes. You start a day with a balance game and you have argues as teams during the following events and you get that everthing is related. You all become one and act like one. Debates, sports, role-play, trekking and many more… Lycian Pathfinders is an enjoyable way of friendships, excitement and learning by sharing.

Learning by sharing is not just a word. We form a circle and brainstorm begins at the end of the each event. This last part gives a meaning to the event, explains what we do and why we do, includes exchanging opinions and talkings about the effects on the participants. The hidden information behind the events becomes known with feedback, evaluation and debrief; learning gets done in theory and reality. This is the good part, because different opinions from different minds are more helpful than cliches of one mind. So we reach faster to the point that must be learned.

Happy or sad, you live unforgettable moments. I would like to share some of my memories with you. I think we all know what is bobo doll, but have you became a bobo doll in real? You stand between two people you have just met, you close your eyes and feel the tension everytime you approach to the ground… This is called trust! You have became a team and you have only 20 minutes to save a nuclear reactor which is about to erupt. You have thought that you’ve saved the reactor but you actually failed only because you didn’t shout “Arigato!” after picking something from the nuclear reactor field. You taste the sadness of the failure before tasting the success which is achieved as a team. My favourite event was Role-Play. The oldest parliament in the world, Lykiarh ( the president of the assembly), ruling party, opposition party, press, NGOs, investors, complos, plans, changing ideas, corrupted election…You find the time very long in the very beginning but then even the given time is not enough actually. I would like to be a politician since my childhood and this experiment wass a great simulation for me (OF COURSE MY PARTY WON THE ELECTION! :))

Lycian Pathfinders is my first experience. It was the first time that I had taken a part in a youth organisation. Of course I used to have expectations and worries. But now, pretty memories and future plans have taken the place from the worries. Finishing the education never means that the connection will get lost. We are still in touch with each other. We share the opportunities about foreign projects, we share ideas. We join another projects as Lycian Pathfinders team. We keep working on Youthpass nad Erasmus +. I am sure that you will be willing the keep all this things after the training finishes. You will look for another projects and you will share your experiments about Lycian Pathfinders with everyone. All the events you will take a part will help you a lot actually. I can tell you honestly as a person who was having his first experience, that you will understand the changing on your vision and sociability.

The main goal is the importance of the philosophy which is within all this event. We learn to trust and to share to listen and to defend and to tell and to move together and to love and to be optimistic and happy in here. And at the end of the day, we hold hands, all argues disappear with happiness and the voice is heard: MAAAA-ZINGA!

Blue Burak

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