Balanced Synthesis of learning and fun

”Camping & Trekking”

First, in the unique sandy beaches of Lycia, we are flaming the campfire inside of us with morning sports. Later, we perform walks with learning and exploring throughout the wonderful trails of the Lycian Way.

By balancing learning and entertainment with your requests, we make it possible for participants to develop skills such as teaming, making decisions together, and implementing decisions.

“Role-Playing Event”

Lycian Pathfinders make participants to experience an active participation-focused learning experience with designs that can demonstrate their ability to participate, role-play, creativity, and practical thinking.

At the role-playing event, the participants take on roles in a specific but flexible scenario that conforms to the characteristics of that character by taking on the identity of a character. While participants need to act according to the identity and style of the character, they are also given the authority to appreciate creativity in the context of their scenario and roles.

“Debating Event”

We are teaching the rationality and practice of debate in Lycia’s exquisite ancient theaters and unique venues while experiencing and enjoying together. We include different types and methods in debate designs.

We are in the right place to feel the breath of the Lycians, who offer the best example of the democratic society of the time. We are causing to grow up talented people who can carry this breath all over Anatolia and Europe.

“Participatory and Learning Events”

Lycian Pathfinders are designing fun, exclusive events for the participants, including the amount of entertainment they demand and applying them all together. We decide the types and contents of the activities by talking with our participants.

“Sports Activities”

We perform sports activities such as trekking, orienteering, pilates, step aerobics, stretching, zumba and children’s zumba in Lycia’s unique nature and atmosphere. Do not be fooled by the fact that the names of these sporting events are in foreign languages…

We are also planning sports activities with different and new contents with accumulation from the cultural background of Lycia and Anatolia geography for our participants.