Projects and Training Courses with non-formal education methodologies

“Youth Projects”

We are carrying out local, national, and international projects to contribute to the solutions of the youth’s major problems.

We create solutions with young people, especially in the context of democratic and social life, active participation, employment, entrepreneurship and inclusion via non-formal education methodologies and experiential learning.

For this reason, we apply to national and international grant schemes as practitioners. We also undertake responsibilities related to our areas of work as partners of projects implemented by local, regional, and international community and non-governmental organizations in the field of youth.

“Training Courses”

In the field of youth and adult education, we are carrying out national and international training courses on different themes to develop the knowledge, skills and approach of individuals in the framework of non-formal education techniques and experiential learning.

Within the framework of national and international grant schemes and especially the Erasmus + Program, we offer educational and personal development opportunities for young people and adults in Turkey on different themes in our training courses conducted by our partners in Europe.

We continue our preparations with our domestic and international partners for our original projects and training courses which we plan to implement with our own resources and which have sustainable quality, functional results and continuous effects.