Training Courses

Trainings for Different Groups

“PCM – Project Cycle Management Training”

We are conducting Project Cycle Management (PCM) Training for individuals, and groups who want to apply for national and international grant programs and who want to develop project preparation and project implementation capacities.

“Non-formal Education Techniques Training Sessions”

We are carrying out training sessions involving different methods for individuals, and groups who want to develop their knowledge, skills, and experiences in the field of non-formal education techniques and to apply these techniques with the most appropriate designs in projects and trainings they are planning.

“Team-Building Training”

We are carrying out team-building training sessions with different designs for working groups and organizations. In these training sessions, it is aimed to develop the capacity of team members in the light of current scientific theories such as developing team awareness by improving social harmony among team members, clarifying roles among team members, making joint decisions and implementing decisions.